Nitsba Holdings 1995 ltd is an Israel based well-established and experienced real-estate company, engaged in two main activities: Development of residential and commercial real estate projects, as well as leasing and managing of income-generating properties.

Nitsba was previously owned by the members and retirees of “Egged”, Israel Transport Cooperative Society Ltd, and owns and manages real estate assets, a substantial part of which is related to public transportation activity (central bus stations, service centers, offices and garages). Throughout the years, as the cities and industrial zones in the state of Israel developed, these properties were significantly appreciated, and today Nitsba owns properties in attractive locations all over Israel, including in city-centers, high demand industrial parks, etc.

On 2006 Airport City Ltd (TASE: ARPT) purchased the control of Nitsba from the members and retirees of Egged. On 2015 Airport City Ltd purchased all public holdings in the company and Nitsba today is a private company fully held by Airport City.

Nitsba owns approx. 125 income generating properties, mainly in Israel and in France, with a gross leasable area of over 1 million sqm, as well as land properties in Israel designated for real estate development in an area of over 400,000 Sqm, with a total value of over ILS 8 Billion. Nitsba’s owns most of the central bus stations in Israel, as well as commercial properties including offices, shopping centers located in the major cities and in high-demand regions.

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